Idle Hands


It was hot. Too hot. Too uncomfortable. Too.. something. Too what? Too free. There was everywhere to move, everywhere to thrust his limbs and twist his hips about. There was no resistance to the sweaty slide of his body. No resistance save for the cling of sheets that groped thin and insubstantial to the slender sprawl of Esku's side.

The elf twisted and gasped, the soft pink curve of his lips smashing into the gray linen that covered the straw of the mattress. It was dirty, and there were fleas, but he didn't mind. It was the heat that got him more than the itching, and the freedom that got him more than that. He ached inside, yearned for the pressure of weight. Pushing him down, bearing him into the bed, keeping him from floating.. off. It was missing, and gone, and the only thing keeping him anchored was his own hand wrapped tight around his balls. Squeezing, pulling.

Here, and now, and it was too hot. Ysien. So far away. Worlds away, prowling the desert. Esku closed his green eyes to the sight of the dingy gray wall. He focused on the other elf, the hunter in his leather straps, dusty with red dry earth. It had only been two days since the man had left. Two days to run an errand an eternity away.

The priest gasped again, his fingers cramping a little as they ran along the length of his shaft. It almost hurt, no matter that it was slick from cum. He felt he'd rubbed himself raw, chafed. The head of his cock was nearly numb, barely responding to the way he twisted his fingers around the flared base and slid the side of one along the slit. It wept a thin trickle of fluid to his touch, but just barely.

Esku groaned and let his head fall back to the pillow. How long had he been at this? His entire body ached. He felt drained, and so thirsty. The small wine bottle was only half full, though, the glass a rich translucent green in the flickering light beneath the wall sconce. The light caught on the sweat that glazed his body, brought out the pink tones hiding beneath the paper-pale surface. Musculature shifted in a fluid play of movement, curve and angle and grace as one poured to the next in an agile dance between bone and skin.

Ysien. His teeth caught on his lower lip, tugged lightly even through the hairs that grew trimmed just beneath the swell of it. Dark hair was sticking uncomfortably to his neck, wrapping about his throat. Confinement of a sort. He took it for what it was worth, and closed his eyes again. Pretty smile, flashing teeth. Dark skin and a perfect ass. Esku's brow pinched as he thought, drew up the memory of their first time. Eager... eager and flush with wine.

And oh, how he'd loved the taste. The taste of his lover's dick slipping past his lips. New and thrilling, tantalizing even as the heat of a mouth fell upon his own. The salty sweet tinge of it, the hint of musk that trailed from behind the heavy hang of another's balls. Esku moaned softly, jerking a little harder, a little faster on his aching member as he focused. Pictured. Remembered. Oh, the surprise and delight that had waged war on his lover's face, obscured by the distance between their eyes and the sight of his own cock slipping past Ysien's lips.

There was nothing to push against. Nothing but his hand. Nothing to pin him down, hold him in place as he came. He ached for it, burned with desire for gravity. He lusted for the heat of Ysien's touches, for the force of his eyes and the easy command of his voice. Esku twitched and shuddered, straining against himself as his climax flared hot into the back of his sputtering thoughts. A few weak swells of cum gushed from the head of his cock, spilling sticky and rich as melted tallow along the grasp of his fingers. It trickled down to nestle in the scant few hairs there, mingling with the salty sweat that slicked the lean lines of his body.

He ached. His entire body hurt, from head to toe, exhaustion setting into his joints. Esku let out a soft whine as he forced his eyes to open, forced himself to look down at the mess. So little.. especially compared to the start. He gathered it carefully, his hands trembling as he tipped the wine bottle close to the flutter and pulse of his belly. Measured movements scraped the cooling cum into the bottle. Esku's fingers slid past his lips, his mouth closing to suckle away the bitter tang of residue. He watched as the pittance slid down the side of the glass, creeping toward the bottom where it pooled into the rest of the viscous fluid.

The line had barely risen. The bottle had looked small enough at first glance, but now.. now it felt all too large. Esku's head fell back to the pillow, and he closed his eyes. The glass was cool against the sharp angle of his hip, but the air in his panting lungs felt hot. His hand slid back to his groin, turning to cup at the soft drape of his cock and the ache of the sac behind. He let out another muted groan as he felt the black hooks of sleep clawing at his scattered thoughts. Ysien. There was no body to curl into, no hair to stroke against his bare skin other than his own. Esku sighed, rolled to his side, and clutched at the bottle like a security blanket. He fell off to sleep that way: in a room scented with sex enough to give him the gravity he sought, if only in his dreams.

All stories are Copyright to Marcus Avenier. 2008-2010